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Down Payments go towards the tattoo you and your artist have agreed on. If rescheduling is necessary a 72 hour notice must be made to the shop via phone: 484-459-4833; otherwise your down payment will be paid out to the Artist for compensation. By purchasing, you understand your down payment goes towards the agreed upon tattoo and will be paid out to the artist if you do not follow the terms of the down payment agreement below. By completing this purchase you also agree to all the terms in the Down Payment description below. Please contact your artist before filling this out.

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Double Diamond Tattoos

Non-refundable Down Payment information and Terms of agreement

-The down payment amount will be determined by your artist, down payments on multi session appointments will be applied to your last appointment. All down payments  are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. Under no circumstances will you be refunded your down payment.

-Drawings will be shown to you the day of your appointment, alterations can be made the day of (within reason). Drawings will not be released to the client without the artists consent. The artist owns all rights to the artwork, they are not obligated to release a drawing.

-Any ideas or changes to your original concept post consultation, must be made at least 7 days before your appointment. Changing the original concept of the design in entirety must be agreed upon with the artist, and may be subject to forfeiting the down payment towards the tattoo appointments.

-Confirmation calls are made the week of your appointment, failing to confirm a confirmation call does not count as 72 hour notice. 484-459-4833

-If you do not confirm your confirmation call via Phone callwithin 48 hours of the confirmation call you may be subject to rescheduling without your consent. 484-459-4833

-If your voicemail box is either not setup or full we can’t leave a message. Please make sure you call us back in this instance. 484-459-4833

If you NO SHOW or cancel without 72 hour notice then you forfeit your down payment and remaining appointments.(Future Appointments may require a larger down payment)

Emails, Texts, messages etc. DO NOT COUNT as sufficient notice for rescheduling or canceling.

-In the event you have to cancel your appointments without immediately rescheduling, The down payment will be Paid out to the Artist 120 DAYS after canceling. Please reschedule in a timely fashion to avoid forfeiting the down payment (The forfeited down payment will be transferred to the artist for compensation)

The artists are putting aside time for your drawing and time for your tattoo, in which they do not get compensated for until they do the tattoo. When clients no show, cancel, or reschedule without enough notice the artist is left with many hours of time designing the clients tattoo and potential customers they turned down to make time for the clients appointment all without profit.

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