Double Deez Tattoo Privacy Policy

Tattoo procedures require a proof of age, along with a signature on a consent form for us to provide a requested service. Any information obtained for this purpose will be solely for our records and will not be shared with outside parties for any reason.

Information We Collect

We will normally collect a variety of information from our clients before we perform any services. This is to provide a safe tattoo environment, and verify age is appropriate to perform a given procedure. We collect:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Age

How Data is Stored

The information provided to the shop we keep on file for future reference. This stored date is only accessible by shop employees for the sake of keeping track of appointments, and keeping projects organized for future use.

This information is never provided for any form of survey, contest, or other marketing research purposes. We maintain a 100% confidentiality policy; your information is safe with us.

How We Use Data

Every transaction and experience that we share with out customers/clients is an opportunity to learn something new. As we work with you and see the kind of work that you’re looking for, and the kind of questions you ask, it gives us direction or where we want to take the shop in the future.

This information contributes toward:

  • Enhanced service from our staff of artists
  • Helps us personalize our shop and the work that we do
  • Gives ideas on how to modify our website and get more involved with our customers

The only kind of marketing you will receive from the information you provide us will come directly from us at the Double Deez Tattoo Shop.

Financial Security

Double Deez Tattoo shop has security measures in place to insure confidentiality is taken very seriously. Your financial transactions are secure, and personal information is safe when you invest in our services.

We use state of the art encryption technology, further enforced with network firewall protection, to keep your information accessible to a very limited number of people. These people are shop employees, or direct contacts linked to our transaction vendor, Square.

Important Mention

As a business we reserve the right to disclose information without your notice or consent under very specific situations such as:

  • Information being requested to satisfy any regulation, law, or legal request.
  • Information to conduct investigation into consumer complaints that involve possible breaches of law.
  • In a situation where the integrity of our website or property is jeopardized or threatened.
  • In an effort to defend/protect the safety of visitors or other manners involving possible malicious incident.
  • To fulfill your personal requests.
  • Cooperating in an ongoing legal investigation

We want to give as positive of an experience possible at our shop. We will do everything within out power to grant that opportunity, but if you put us in a place that ties our hands, understand that we will have no choice but to comply with efforts that fall beyond our control.

We respect your and your privacy. Please grant us the same respect so that nothing mentioned above ever has to occur.